Empowered Spiritual Coach

Empowered Spiritual Coach

If you want to learn more about becoming a Spiritual Life Coach or you want to add Spiritual Life Coaching skills to your current profession these products are designed to help you reach that goal.




Transforming Selling To Serving (e-Book)

This is a great ebook if you want to learn what can be holding you back from being successful in selling your products or services.

You will learn:

How to craft a structured conversation that energetically aligns your prospect ( we call them Vibrationally Called ones) so you can double even triple your sales fast!

Why bringing intention into a sales conversation will increase your conversions by 25% or more and how to language

How to overcome the money objection with out every saying a thing!

and much more…

Transforming Selling To Serving


Transforming Selling To Serving (Video Course)

We built on our mega successful ebook  and added so much more for your success!

You get me teaching you in five webinars you can easily download.. where I actually coached the people on the call to:

Language their product or service in way that people will say YES!

Structure the money conversation so that people will be compelled to FIND a way to get the money to buy what you have.

Learn how to use spiritual principles in selling and marketing to attract your ideal client and customer.

and much more…

Transforming Selling To Serving Video Course

How To Create A Spiritual Coaching Business in 90 Days (e-Book)

Learn my powerful system that I teach my private clients in an easy to read ebook format.

Email Stephanie@coachingfromspirit.com to find out more about this ebook.



ESLC (32 week live course)

This is the program that started it all!  We have trained thousands to be spiritual life coaches in the past 15 years and we just Updated and REVAMPED the whole program!

This is an online program that can be completed in a little as 2 days from the comfort of your own home, where you will learn my Spirit given energy management and planning system for yourself and then you can teach it to your clients!

You have my permission to use the information in this course with your one on one clients so you have a structure and system to support them to accomplish their goals faster and to experience more peace no matter what is happening.
Learn how to create a  six figure and more successful spiritual coaching business  and much more….

Empowered Spiritual Life Coach Training


1-on-1 Mentoring (Master Coaches)

Coaching with a Coaching from Spirit Staff coaches are ready to support you!

Working with me is an investment… so if you are looking to create a six figure or more income FAST then mentoring with me is a great next step.

But what if you still want support but you may not be ready to make a bigger investment?

I have trained top staff coaches to support  you! Not only will you learn the same system my private clients learn, your staff coach will meet with me on a regular basis. I am here for the Staff coaches to support them on every aspect of your coaching!

Email Stephanie@coachingfromspirit.com to receive the profiles of our amazing staff coaches